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The Art of Listening

Daoist Medicine, Sound Therapy and Micro-systems: Healing Systems in Synergy

by Franco Cracolici, Fabio Pianigiani, Massimo Rinaldi

Art in the Western world has created a complex language of symbolism, and artists channel their material through this language in order to communicate something to their public.

The idea of art as communication is a fundamental aspect of Western aesthetics, as is the resulting interconnection between form and content. Music is considered a language of emotions, and is “sound forms in movement”. This is its only point in common with the idea of art in the Eastern world. Eastern Art communicates through visual effects in movements (ideograms) rather than through logos, the simple, sculptural, and thus inflexible, word.

Starting from Daoism, the authors of this book take us on an exciting journey through sound, vibration, listening and the effects of listening, its repercussions on energy and mind, locally and generally. This book is original in its form and content, with unexpected facets emerging in each part, and in the way each part unfolds. Its excellent introduction presents a both broad and synthetic vision of that complex philosophy of life that goes under the name of  Daoism, a philosophy and religion often discussed, and equally often misrepresented, curtailed and falsified.

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Preface by Carlo Di Stanislao

Introduction by franco cracolici


PART I / DAOIST MEDICINE by Franco cracolici

1 / Brief outline of Daoist thought and culture

2 / Daoist medicine: origins, history and meaning

  • The ways of meeting and the process of knowledge
  • Daoist religious and philosophical-alchemical schools and currents
  • The earliest therapeutic applications. The Daoist approach
  • Daoist practices
  • Techniques to achieve immortality
  • The culture of prevention
  • True knowledge… in Daoist culture
  • Numbers
  • Celestial Journeys
  • The conduct of the Daoist doctor
  • The great Daoist doctors and alchemists 

3 / The meridians: energy pathways, tracer points, pathological knots 

  • Acupuncture points
  • Knots
  • Changes
  • Act with respect
  • Shen
  • The cycle of vegetative souls
  • The qi and its manifestations
  • Shen treatment
  • The five wills
  • Treatment of the five wills
  • The thirteen Sun Simiao gui points
  • Protocol and treatment
  • The ling points
  • Protocol and treatment
  • The nine flowers of Ge Hong
  • The dao points
  • Protocol and treatment
  • Tian xing xue points, ‘eleven heavenly stars’
  • Protocol and treatment
  • GV-23 shangxing, Upper Star point
  • The tian points, ‘Heaven’
  • Protocol and treatment
  • The spreading of Heaven: the Emperor’s canopy
  • Acupuncture and wai dan, ‘external alchemy’
  • Path with acupuncture
  • Inner alchemy
  • Abuse and suffering: violence kills the soul
  • The ren mai or Conception Vessel
  • Proposed therapy with ren mai points for cases of abuse
  • Protocol and treatment
  • The Extraordinary Meridians
  • Extraordinary Meridians and Daoism
  • Centre, centres
  • The emptiness of xu / wu / kong
  • The void in various suffixes
  • Void rebalancing treatment
  • Emotional turmoil and the path of the diaphragm
  • Stomach-diaphragm treatment
  • The biochemical pathway of emotions
  • The transition points or gates
  • The Pericardium, the Heart’s shield
  • Functions of the Pericardium
  • Protocol and treatment
  • The eight applications and the six Heart guards, according to Liezi
  • Harmonising treatment
  • From light to light: from the eyes to the brain
  • Light treatment 
  • The Earth… the earths 
  • Another Earth. ST-4 dicang
  • The wise land. SP-4 gongsun
  • Jing-well points
  • Doors and gates: passages and transits
  • Epilogue



  • Introduction

4 /In the beginning was the word

  • The meaning of music
  • The relationship between word and sound
  • Union of Heaven and Earth
  • Music as a model of the world
  • Music and magic
  • The sorcerer
  • The birth of symbols
  • Waters in darkness
  • The phases of creation
  • The meaning of wings
  • The soul of the world
  • Sacrificial sound
  • The pillar
  • Black feathers and the eagle

5 / The elements of music

  • Rhythm
  • The meaning of the voice
  • The individual sound
  • The sound substance
  • The word
  • Gregorian chant and human voice
  • Music and metaphysics: harmony of the spheres
  • Joy and praise: the essence of hymns

6 / Primordial sound

  • Nada Brahma
  • Everything is sound
  • Language universality and music therapy
  • The musician
  • Physical properties of sound
  • What is sound
  • Sound and noise
  • How sound propagates
  • Speed of sound
  • The pendulum
  • The pendulum and musical instruments
  • Sound pitch
  • Sound intensity
  • Sound duration
  • Timbre
  • Forms and structures in harmony
  • Melody and harmony
  • Musical notation
  • Time signature
  • Brain perception
  • Cerebral hemispheres
  • Brain waves
  • The perception of sound

7 / Sound, mind and perception

  • Cognitivism, dualism and neuropsychology
  • Gestalt and perceptive psychology
  • The handling of expectations
  • Neural codes and activations
  • The function of memory
  • Categories and concepts


Part III / MICRO-SYSTEMS by Massimo Rinaldi

  • Introduction 405

8 / Abdominal-umbilical palpation

  • The bagua
  • A new interpretation model
  • The navel in Western medicine
  • The symbolism of the navel
  • Gate of the spirit, gate of life
  • Pre-Heaven, xian tian bagua
  • Post-Heaven, hou tian bagua
  • Releasing the navel
  • Energy embryology
  • Abdominal semiotics, the origin of abdominal diagnosis
  • Releasing the abdomen according to the five movements

9 / ECIWO acupuncture Micro-Systems

  • Umbilical acupuncture
  • Second metacarpal bone acupuncture
  • Conclusions


Part IV / FROM COMMUNICATION TO HEALING by Franco Cracolici, Alessandra Franco, Valeria Selvi

  • Introduction

10 / Electric current, electromagnetic radiation and sound

11 / The language of cells

  • From the language of cells mediated by electromagnetic radiation to bioresonance
  • From the language of cells mediated by sound to cymatics
  • From ancient medical art to regenerative medicine


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