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Network Olistico Internazionale – Edizioni

N.O.I. – Network Olistico Internazionale-Edizioni (International Holistic Network Publications) has as its starting point the idea of promoting and spreading the culture of traditional Chinese – and holistic – medicine.

NOI Edizioni plans to be original – and indeed different from the current editorial scene. Its roots lie in ancient culture. It recently acquired the catalogue of  CEA, a company that has 25 years of experience in the field of complementary medicine. It will work in harmony with the values of the holistic disciplines, but it will also integrate Western medicine, and will closely follow  current cultural, social, scientific and medical developments.

NOI Edizioni’s publishing philosophy is based on the integration of current scientific and complementary medicine, as well as the broad range of cultural ideas expressed in its catalogue’s main publications. In its treatment of people and communities, it will follow ancient tradition, philosophy and medicine, but also contemporary themes.

Losing the past means losing the future

Wang Shu

The Project

NOI Edizioni intends to be a national and international cultural point of reference for both professionals and people interested in the individual disciplines. 

NOI Edizioni will broaden the horizons of CEA-Zanichelli’s books on complementary medicine by promoting them internationally.

NOI Edizioni takes the basic health and well-being of each person as the focus for the in-depth analysis and promotion of the following holistic disciplines:

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